What is Network Marketing

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Don’t know what is network marketing? The advantage to network marketing over affiliate marketing is that you continue to receive commission on your active customers or network partners.

What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing?  Well in its basic form we all for the most participate in “Network Marketing” in some form or fashion, when we ask a friend or neighbor to suggest a Mechanic or Restaurant, you are using the network of people you know to find a product or service that you need or want.

The One Minute Business

When you find a new food or restaurant that you rave about to all, ever found a new potato chip or salsa dip that you just have to share at the next party you have, something you like so much that you tell others?  It is similar to affiliate marketing but the difference being that you have to be using the products of the Network Marketing Company you are promoting.

What is network marketing business?  It is sometimes called Multi Level Marketing or MLM  The advantage to network marketing over affiliate marketing is that you continue to receive commission on the active customers or network partners that you introduce to the product or company.

So you are paid for increasing their network of customers and representatives by using your network of contacts, relatives or Online Marketing to market the product of the company that you have Joined. Their are several business models in the corporate world that work this way to, like Insurance for instance the Agent is paid a commission on your policy as long as you keep it.

This type of marketing goes back a long way Tupperware, Amway and Mary Kay probably are the most notables, and I am sure you have heard of one of them.   That is because they convinced and paid the people that used their products to promote their products with the Quality of them.  If you have a great product it is a fantastic way to build a customer base that is loyal and invested in the company’s success.

What is a Network Marketing System?

Often this was done with house parties where you would invite your friends, co-workers, people you went to church with basically anyone you could introduce to the product.  Some companies still participate this way, and it is successful for people that are good at prospecting.

I was never good at what was called prospecting, it is similar to a lot of online systems today preach about attraction marketing, and when you sell someones success as your own.  90% of folks out there marketing these systems are never the ones on the winning side, and believe it or not you were probably directed to the Landing Page by someone that has never tried the system.  See Affiliate Marketing.

What is a network marketing system?  Well if you see Fool Proof attached to Marketing always run, just kidding.  They use to be flip books that you would go through over a cup of coffee or a VHS/DVD that you would put in at your house party but they have advanced to built for you websites, marketing funnels, ad groups, email marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Marketing and any other form you you can create that can help you to have success recruiting other members to your team.

Refer 3 and your service is FREE

Refer 3 and your service is free!

Multi Level Marketing or MLM

In the late 80’s early 90;s Network Marketing, sometimes referred to as Multi Level Marketing or MLM, really got a bad reputation and was referred to often as a pyramid scheme.

It is of course not a pyramid scheme, but you are rewarded if you can facilitate a big network of marketers below you, building more customers and representatives, you are also compensated for several levels deep in your organization.  That is where the pyramid scheme comes from the people that are 4 or 5 levels up or from the right point of view one who built a network of people below them that are doing the same.

Are not most corporations pyramid schemes these days?  If you look at pay from top down you would think so.  I have been apart of several MLM companies over the years Amway, Xocia, Watkins, Nieken and the problem always was the monthly product purchase demands to be able to qualify for bonuses it was not something a single adult was not going to use on their own.  I also never sponsored anyone in any of my network marketing attempts in the past, I could never make someone see the power of the business or product.

I never really been good at sales.  Too Honest for it.. (o8

There are ways to be successful with a network marketing company.  The first bit of advice is you have to be all in.  You have to be using and enjoying the product.  You have to be able to communicate the quality of the product.

If you can own an NBA team like the Orlando Magic and Naming rights like the Amway Center to go along with it, there is money to be made in Network Marketing.

It is a business and it does not run on auto pilot.  That is the all in part, if you are looking to have something for no commitment, you are not a entrepreneur and will not succeed.  If you are interested in building a business that you can work when you want where you want with the internet today it is a great opportunity.  You no longer have to sell your friends and neighbors, what most people hated about MLM companies, you really no longer have to sell, most companies have all the sales pitches laid out, all you have to do is find one that you can be all in on.

Network Marketing Solutions

I finally found a network marketing company that makes sense and is easy to promote because everyone has this on them.  One bill that we are all going to continue to pay is our cell phone bill, well not me anymore!

What if I told you that you could not only loose you cell phone bill, but you could make residual income every month when someone you introduce to Tempo Wireless earns free service for themselves.

Refer 3 and its free, great concept, your service on one of 3 Major Providers will be free if you have 3 customers/managers with service of equal or more than yours, and if they all get free service, then you start making money and it snowballs.  I found this out and started working with a guy by the name of Eric you can check out his marketing funnel and video here.  He does have it set up easy and a little bit of training.  You can go to EasyFreePhone my site to read some more about the plans and phones.

Don’t Live in the US?  Or Do you Love Coffee?

Did you know that the most traded commodities in the world is coffee?  I joined this company because my fiance loves coffee, she worked at Barney’s as one of her first jobs she is kind of a coffee snob.  She loves this stuff!  Ever heard of Healthy Coffee?  This company is world wide.  If you love coffee and live outside the US go here to the direct sales site and select your country and it will switch to proper sign up procedures.  If you just want to see the products you can do that here

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